15 Tricks for hidden kitchens from top manufacturers

In many homes today kitchen shares space with the living room and a lot of people don't prefer that. They don't like the idea of Sitting on the couch watching TV or chatting with friends and cooking while they still within the same range, so there are designers who propose the option to hide a kitchen and present tens of hidden kitchen designs.

contemporary hidden kitchen ideas in dining room

Hidden kitchen ideas from top manufacturers

Full catalog of modern dressing table designs & ideas

In this article we talk about the dressing table corner in your bedroom, the different dressing table ideas, styles and colors, how to make a modern dressing table design and a gallery of latest dressing table designs for 2016.

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ultra luxury dressing table design with golden mirror frame
ultra luxury dressing table design with golden mirror frame

3D flooring fantasy: A guide to install 3D bathroom floor

Awesome guide to install 3D flooring and advice about 3D bathroom floor choosing and 3D floor prices and creative designs for 3D floor art for inspiration
3D bathroom floor or the 3D flooring in general is clearly a work of art on a large scale, it will make the idea we have of floors be changed radically. These 3D floors are achieved by 4 layers, one above the other. The first layer is a self-leveling screed, which provides the safety and soundness of any conventional floor. Above this first layer, the picture will reveal the final finish, which can be a photo, a drawing or whatever we want is installed. After the two-component transparent polymer, the thickener and hardener is injected, and ends by applying a protective coating layer.

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3D Bathroom Floor - Bathroom or Ocean?

charming 3D bathroom floor like deep sea
charming 3D bathroom floor like deep sea
The 3D floor designs are the epitome of exclusivity and customization, is the possibility to convert any artistic design in a walkable floor and resistant. 3D floor art is able to create different environments in one space. With the transition effect it can simulate a carpet with a coating of porcelain.

Awesome 3D floor plans for small or medium house

A comprehensive guide to make your 3D floor plans especially medium or small house floor plans. Expert tips for making the maximum use of your small apartment space.
The most important thing in a new building is to have the plans for distribution of well-organized home, when we have small plots organization of social spaces (living room), intimate (bedrooms) or grooming, it becomes more complicated. We will see some 3D floor plans to give us a good idea of distributions which you can use as a starting point for your design on plots of less than 80-120 square meters.

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3D Floor Plans - Easy Guide For Small houses

3D floor plans: 3D design of an open small house floor

30 Latest modern curtain designs and ideas in 2016

Large catalog of modern curtain designs for living room and bedroom, window curtains designs for 2016, and expert tips for how to choose the curtain design for your interior design properly

You know that we are completely see the curtains as an important complement to the decoration of the interior space . Today want to show 30 curtain designs for 2016 because the choice between different types of curtains designs or the change in which we have allow us to completely transform the appearance of the various rooms of the house.
Browse our gallery which is dedicated to interior design with modern curtain design ideas and colors and you can see the importance of window decorations for charming environments.

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How to choose the modern curtains properly? 

purple modern curtain designs for living room
purple modern curtain designs for living room
According to experts in the field of interior design, curtains designs are usually the last decorative element that we add to a room. That means they are acquired after already have selected the colors for the floor and walls, installed after all the furniture and accessories, including small decorative objects.

25 Unique bedroom curtain designs, window curtains 2016

Cool catalog of bedroom curtain designs 2016 in different styles (modern, classic, country, japanese). and expert tips to choose your bedroom window curtain designs, how determine the most suitable color of your bedroom curtains designs.

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monochrome luxury bedroom curtain designs in beige
monochrome luxury bedroom curtain designs in beige
Bedroom - this is one of the most intimate places in your home that is designed only for the loved ones. In this room atmosphere of warmth and comfort is particularly important .
In addition, the bedroom should be comfortable and convenient. Scientists have shown that almost one third of our lives we spend in this room. During sleep, the person is restored physically and energized mentally. Therefore, the question of design of the bedroom should be taken seriously as it is possible, without losing sight of a single detail. All the design elements should be combined harmoniously, complement and emphasize each other.

LED light strips for ceiling: options and installation guide

There are so many aspects of the LED technology, this article will guide you to choose the most suitable LED strip lights type and how to differentiate between the low quality and high quality LED strips for your benefit. Also a quick yet detailed guide for how to install LED light strips

In the field of LED technology, the so-called LED strip lights have  been established, it offer optimal conditions to be quickly and easily mounted in corners or in places difficult to reach. In general, the models are even so flexible that they can be laid approximately at a 90 ° angle and thus also offer for rounding. For a particularly fast and user-friendly mounting the LED light strips always equipped with a self-adhesive backing.

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The underside of the LED strip is provided with an adhesive strip, as with double-sided tape. So you can attach the tape on nearly any surface without the use of other resources directly and permanently.

How to install LED light strips for POP ceiling design

There are both unprotected strips and so-called IP versions that are sealed with transparent material and thus smooth the surface. For interiors unprotected stripes are perfectly adequate, outdoors or in the bathroom, the protected IP versions are recommended.

Modern 3D floor plans designed to inspire you

Today we present 25 3D floor plans of houses and apartments of different types of architecture. The 3D house floor plan examples we have collected can serve as models for the location of furniture and rooms of your new home, or simply give innovative ideas to transform your current home.

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modern 3D floor plan ideas for inspiration
modern 3D floor plan ideas for inspiration

Easy way to install 3D flooring, 3D bathroom floor designs

3D flooring is an amazing amelioration of traditional interiors. in Today's article we will show you the latest 3D floor designs and 3D bathroom floor murals, beside a complete guide for how to install 3D flooring that will provide you with an easy way for installing it by yourself.

 Incredibly huge selection of colors and materials to create an ambitiously creative style of a 3D floor. Epic scenery for you to enjoy in your home. 3D flooring art is one of the most modern innovations of interior decoration of the floor coverings. This technology allows you to create a sense of three-dimensional objects sticking out of the floor, chasms and gaps in the floor, meadows, dolphins, fish or a shark in the bathroom, and so on to infinity.

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3D bathroom flooring designs and options

3D flooring installation and 3D bathroom floor designs
3D flooring installation and 3D bathroom floor designs
3D bathroom flooring let you experience the thrill of going to the bathroom in the pure nature by using angled photos and multiple transparent layers to turn your bathroom into an landscape view. A nautical theme (dolphins, pebbles, fish) in the bathroom or toilet is more comfortable appropriate view. All images are selected individually for each object, depending on the ideas of the designer or your imagination. The result is a 3D bathroom flooring that gives the perception of depth by not being directly under your feet (like a sticker or painting), and which is impervious to all sorts of damage that would usually affect the floor finishing. It’s also easy to clean!

Modern plaster false ceiling designs for all rooms 2016

Large catalog for plaster designs for false ceilings for all rooms in modern style. 25 modern plaster ceiling designs with integrated LED ceiling lighting systems to inspire you.
Are you already tired of the ordinary ceilings style? Today we present some plaster ceiling designs, a new trend which embellish the roofs of indoor spaces with all kinds of molds, platforms and insulating panels of different materials, do not miss this significant article.

Here are some details to keep in mind when deciding on a model of plaster ceiling. In fact, in addition to being decorative, plaster ceilings fulfill the function of soundproofing, isolate, protect from heat and maintain optimum moisture level in indoor spaces.

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Blue bathroom tiles: 20 various color combinations

Blue is the color of water and sky and is often associated with a feeling of freedom. In this article we will show various color combinations based on blue bathroom tiles, blue and white tiles and other blue bathroom ideas for relaxation and freedom
Because of the strong sedative effect Blue is often used in modern bathroom designs. The bathroom must be a place where you can find a proper rest and relaxation. With blue bathroom tiles you can transform it to a real oasis.

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Blue bathroom tiles in combination with other colors

modern Blue bathroom wall tiles with wooden floor
modern Blue bathroom wall tiles with wooden floor
Blue bathroom tile gives the room a sense of inner balance and soothes the senses. The different shades have different effects on mood. The bright colors like baby blue and turquoise blue tile bathroom stand for freedom, childlike innocence, serenity and harmony while the darker cobalt blue, gray and dark blue radiate power, trust and loyalty. Blue is the perfect color for rooms that are used for relaxation such as bedrooms and bathrooms for example.

Arched window curtains: treatment options for arch windows

A lot of custom homes built nowadays include arched windows. There are many arched window treatments like Roman shades or fabric window. The amount of light entering in a particular space, determine the type that works best. Some rooms may need arched window curtains that filtering light, while other rooms may require that blocks light completely. Some arch window curtain designs remain stationary, while others are adjusted to provide the right amount of light in a room.

Arched Windows Curtains: Elegant and functional

arched window curtains,arched windows curtains
arched windows treatments: decorative arched window curtains

22 Luxury modern curtain patterns and designs for living room

With curtains and drapes, every room looks perfect and cozy. The decorative effect plays the lead role in choosing the curtain patterns and designs as the ambiance of the space could be determined by them to a considerable extent. Besides colors and fabrics you must remember to think about the sun and privacy. Check our gallery with examples of living room curtain designs 2016 and curtain patterns that beautifully harmonize with the interior, and let that inspire you.

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Living room purple curtains- modern curtain designs, patterns
Living room purple curtains complement the interior color scheme
Living room can be completely transformed with matching curtain designs and draperies and adding more vivid and brighter colors. Living room Curtains can round out the style and color scheme of the room in combination with other accents. So if you get rid of the look of your living room, you can change it only with new curtain patterns and some pillows.
Curtain design can be an accent in the interior itself. If the living room is bright and spacious, you can opt for drapes or curtain pattern in a contrasting and dark color. 

Full catalog of Living room curtain designs, ideas, styles, prices

Living room curtains are the final touch in this room, the living room curtain designs are very important to complement your interior design, in this article we will show a collection of living room curtain ideas and modern curtains 2016 to inspire you.

Living room is where you spend most of your day, so you would want your living room to be comfortable and inviting. Your living room or family room is a place to relax and spend time with family and friends. Therefore, it should reflect your personality and style. Your living room may be large or small, but with the right ideas, it is possible to transform it into a welcoming room for you to relax. If you are on a budget, do not be discouraged. Here are some inexpensive living room curtain ideas.

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                                       Modern curtain designs

luxury modern living room curtain designs 2016
luxury modern living room curtain designs 2016

How to design Bohemian Home decor and Boho apartment

Bohemian decor, it also called – Boho Decor, it is a style of freedom. It doesn't obey any rules, principles or system of organization. Bohemian home decor style often gravitate people of creative professions - artists, designers, poets and musicians. Peculiar to the Boho apartment style of the non-linearity, chaos and space for imagination in moving objects and colors arouse extraordinary personalities’ special affection.

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If you want to create a Bohemian decor style in your apartment, take care of its filling. Boho style implies the presence of a large number of pieces of furniture, to be disparate and very colorful. The walls are richly decorated with pictures in different framework, posters, reliefs, wall decorations.

The Interior in Bohemian Home Decor style:

Boho home decor ideas, bohemian living room furniture decorations
Boho home decor ideas, bohemian living room furniture and decorations
Today, in a fashion of extraordinary things, and the same extraordinary interiors of apartments or houses. Boho Decor Style was born a long time and managed to create some of the signs by which it can be easily distinguished from all other styles. The interior in the bohemian decor is original, bold saturated colors, carefree, comfortable, and most importantly, free style, by which everyone is able to modify their homes for themselves.
Boho Home Decor implies a certain inner freedom, through which canons and principles established contemporaries are not important. But, you see, not everyone dares to beat the interior so that it has become a comfortable and liked it a host, not the guest. Hence, if you go without prejudice, uninhibited and creative, this style of interior will surely fit your lifestyle.
The interior in the Boho home decor - is the embodiment of thoughts and habits in the environment and objects, its filling. No specific rules cannot be here, but it should be remembered that the room should certainly reflect it yourself.

Awesome Bedroom curtain ideas, window curtains designs 2016

Large catalog of bedroom curtain ideas and latest window curtains designs in 2016 - General tips for how to choose the fabric and color combinations of the bedroom curtains

Must our houses should generate the feeling of comfort, we should take into account -as we like all the furniture in the sense of how we want to arrange them and their functionality - the tone of the room we can see during the day depending on the sunlight we get from the window and the curtain designs and draperies. The only thing that can filter light or can clog it definitely are curtain designs and window curtains.

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Bedroom is the place of special coziness and comfort, where a person is resting body and soul, so decorating a bedroom is a special role. It is worth carefully choosing type of decorative materials, interior color scheme and pay attention to the harmonious combination of all items together. Bedroom curtain designs - a special subject of the bedroom interior, performing not only a decorative role.

How to choose bedroom curtain designs (fabric, colors)

luxury bedroom curtains ideas for modern style 2016
luxury bedroom curtain ideas for modern style 2016
With the help of the bedroom curtains, you can mute the bright daylight, provide a unique play of light and create a special atmosphere that makes you want to return to this room again and again, and keep your privacy from all everyday tribulations.

When choosing your bedroom curtain ideas and design, it should first answer the question: what is the role they will perform? Will the bedroom curtain design be a purely artistic element of the interior, or else they will be characterized by a certain functionality.

Anyway, functional bedroom curtain ideas on the window are preferable because in this case the inhabitants of the bedrooms have the possibility of getting more control of light intensity. If it's a bright and sunny day, the functionality of bedroom curtains will significantly mute the light coming through the window, and in cloudy weather or at dusk, you can push these bedroom window curtain designs, providing maximum illumination.

23 Unique modern house facades designed to impress!

Today I'm going to talk about modern house facades and also show some house facade designs which are trending now, do not miss our selection of 30 Modern facades and know the latest trends in the world of architecture.

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modern house facades for double story homes
modern house facades for double story homes

House facades: designs, types, materials of building facade

A complete guide for modern house facades: how to choose the materials of the building facades, what are the house facade types and styles in addition to 20 modern facade designs for inspiration

Don't miss the design ideas book: 25 unique modern facades for double story house

As a rule, decoration of Private modern house facades is ​​for aesthetic reasons, especially if the building is built of aerated concrete or foam blocks like a brick or wood . But at the same modern house facade not only helps to hide irregularities of surface defects, and the exterior walls, but house facades also perform additional functions.

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Why to install house facades?

Ultra modern house facades
Ultra modern house facades
protection - the use of finishing materials in house facades creates an additional protective layer, safeguard the basic structure from the negative impact of weather conditions (humidity, wind, temperature changes, exposure to ultraviolet light, snow, etc.), as well as, mechanical damage

insulation - most of modern home facade design systems are not only decorative, but also insulating, any layer is further deposited on the wall surface, it becomes an obstacle to the sound waves that are substantially attenuated (refract) at the transition in different environments.

Building facades: House facade materials

Modern building materials market offers a wide variety of techniques and materials that can be used for building facades. We consider the most popular ones.
Decorative plaster
Making the house facade design with plaster is the old and massively demanded a method of warming and ennobling walls. The main purpose of plaster is to align the walls and hide the defects, but modern materials and application techniques allow to obtain textured surfaces, including subsequent painting. The variety of materials of the house facade design - mineral, acrylic, silicate, silicone and plaster allows to implement any facade design solution.
Among the shortcomings of the plaster facades - the complexity of the work and the need for careful preparation of the surface.

Tip! To make plaster solid, it should be applied to layers of up to 2 cm, and each layer must dry for quality.

3D floor plans: Catalog of one bedroom house plans

In this article we continue to talk about 3D floor plans, especially one bedroom house plans, open floor plans and very small apartment design ideas, different models of distributions of the apartment space, Each small 3D floor plan from our collection will inspire you with a new idea that can enable you to solve your small space problem. see this collection and tell us which one of the following small house 3D floor plans inspired you:

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One bedroom 3D floor plan - small house floor plans

small 3D floor plan, one bedroom house plans 3D
small 3D floor plan, one bedroom house plans 3D
Small 3D floor plan for modern one bedroom apartment design where there have been internal circular and semicircular distributions in the family area, the bedroom has been separated from other areas. The main entrance in this one bedroom house plan is through the living room

How to paint a ceiling and choose the best ceiling paint?

 A complete guide for how to paint a ceiling and how to choose the best ceiling paint, especially when you are planning for painting a ceiling in the kitchen.
A beautiful ceiling design in the kitchen is the dream of every man realizing that painting ceiling becomes really easy with the use of modern materials.
In this article we discuss how to paint a ceiling, how to choose the best ceiling paint and how to apply the ceiling painting properly without marks.

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1. How to choose the Best ceiling paint?

ceiling design is the most noticeable part of any room space. it catches the eye immediately if painted in any color other than white. of course , if the walls in the room are not painted in "flashy tone". then we have many options to paint the ceiling but personally i suggest focus on water-based acrylic ceiling paint,and here's the reasons:  
the relatively small amount of material;
easy to clean;
it gives the the surface a nice matte texture;
it can be diluted in any color scheme and obtain any color;
the paint is applied layer by layer and allows you to create a unique design. 

How to paint a ceiling with the best ceiling paints
How to paint a ceiling with the best ceiling paints

Choosing the paint for the ceiling

 In my memory, there are a few cases where the kitchen was made in several colors, such as green and blue. in this case it is possible to create a gradient change from green to blue, from the kitchen walls and ceiling finishing .it looked really elegant and the room is unique-nowhere else have i seen such a beautiful combination of colors. in this case, the hosts use acrylic water-based paint, it is almost the same as the paint of the walls in the kitchen.
 if you do not plan to resort to such excesses paint, Vodoemulsionku will be an excellent ceiling painting option, environmentally friendly solution for the kitchen or any room. it does not emit harmful substances during drying and looks neat for a long time.